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Deck Towels

Deck towels are a must on any boat, in the first place they are lightweight and compact. As a result this makes them easier to stowaway and a lot lighter that conventional terry towels. Secondly, sand. How many times have you been down on the a sandy beach? The last thing you need is to bring that sand back on board, the answer is a hammam towel. Because hammam towels have a tight weave they’re ideal as just a couple of shakes and your sand free.

Thirdly, hammam deck towels are highly absorbent and dry a lot quicker than conventional towels.

You’ll be amazed at how versatile and useful hammam towels are on a boat. Keep the sea breeze at bay with a hammam shawl or sarong. Quickly dry off with a stylish towel after a refreshing dip in the big blue. Use one underneath you as you lie on the deck catching some rays!

All our hammam towels are 100% cotton, 195 cm x 100 cm when fully opened but can be as small as 23cm x 33cm when stored. They only weigh around 450 grams, so all this for only £15-00 and with the range we have available we’re sure you’ll find a colour and design to suit you.

Deck Towels for your Boat

What is a hammam towel? Click here to find out more

Shop by colour and find the perfect towel(s) for your sailing craft:

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