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Hammam towels as travel towels

Hammam towels also know as fouta towels make the ideal travel towels. So whether travelling long-haul or short-haul hammam towels will undoubtedly take up less space and weigh less in your suitcase than a standard beach towel. Which is great if you only travel with hand luggage as many of us are doing nowadays our hammam travel towels will fit snugly in your hand luggage bag and beach bag.


Our hammam towels are lightweight (around 500 grams) and versatile (it’s only your imagination that will limit its uses). When you fold or roll hammam towels they will taking up a lot less space!

So why not take a look at our range of hammam towels and see which ones suit you best for the next time you travel.

Hammam Towels for Travelling

Are hammam towels the best towels for travelling with?

Could hammams be the best travel towels for backpacking? Many backpackers have chosen to go down the ‘micro fibre’ route due their compact size and weight but remember they can be made up of over 30% plastic. Is it time to think again about MF. However ours are so much more versatile they can be used as a wrap, throw, sarong, privacy screen and still be compact when folded or rolled and our hammam towels weigh less than 500 grams. They also make great camping towels for the same reasons. With over 60 designs to chose from why not take a look.

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All of our lightweight hammams are perfect to take as travel towels so take a look at our full range below…

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