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Hammam towels have been used in Turkey for hundreds of years. They are lightweight, compact, practical, versatile, beautiful and great for anyone that gets wet.

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Hammam beach towels are perfect for:

Hammam Beach Towels

Originally used in Turkish baths for their lightness and fast drying qualities, also known as fouta towels or peshtemal towels can be used at home, also great as beach towels, at the pool, as a scarf or equally as a sarong, in fact they are great for ever time you get wet. Attractive in the bathroom or a guest bedroom.


As you look through our website you will see that the word “versatile” will appear everywhere, why? Because that is exactly what they are, not only are they a beach towel but can be used as a throw, wrap, sarong etc.  In fact it’s only your imagination that restricts their uses, we have listed a few of the uses here but get thinking we’re sure you’ll have over ideas.

Travel Towels? Why hammam beach towels?

Not only great if travelling by plane with just hand luggage, do you really what to lug a heavy bag around the airport? So you definitely need one or two or more. When going down to the beach, body boarding, surfing, camping or hiking?  Same answer. Hammam towels make great travel towels and are so versatile, they take up little space and they’re also light weight (only 450 grams). Unlike terry towels which are bulky and heavier.

Love sailing?

Our hammam towels are not only great for land lovers but a great addition to your sailing vessel whether it be a dingy or super yacht. Whether you’re a day tripper or sailing around the world. We have a huge range to choose from in different colours and designs. Hammam towels are more absorbent than standard terry towels and have been around a lot longer than Mr Terry. They also dry a lot quick that terry towels as well.

Equally important they also fold easily to fit in any bag, suitcase or rucksack. Not only do hammam beach towels hold their colours well and are machine washable at 30°C. Moreover is that hammam towels soften with every wash. Therefore hammam towels are great as deck towels.

So our conclusion is “never leave home without one”.

Looking for that perfect gift?

Have you ever thought “What can I buy them this year?” As an example, a box of chocolates – may last a day, a bottle of wine – maybe a couple of hours! Buying them clothes (is it the right size!!!) A hammam beach towel is something that will last for years and importantly they’ll remember you every time they use it.

Towelling Lined Hammams

We also understand that some customers like the idea of having a towel with lining so we now have a small range of these in our Maya Range which you will find in the multi-coloured section below or click here

Extra large hammams for sharing

Are you looking for an extra large hammam? We have 3 XL sizes 200 cm x 200 cm and 250 cm x 150 cm, just click “here” to see our range.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Are you aware that a 2nd wedding anniversary is symbolized by cotton, all our hammam towels are 100% cotton so why not buy them something that will last them for years to come.

So look no further your answers here, a hammam towel can be used again and again and with over 60 designs / colours to chose from, you can’t go wrong.

Hence, given these points why shouldn’t they have the perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift?

Mums and Dads

Once our 100% cotton hammam beach towels have been washed a couple of times (to remove the factory dressing) they start to soften up and become nice and cuddly. Great for newborns or teenagers alike, they’re lightweight, compact and versatile. Use them as a baby wrap or a light weight blanket when it’s too hot (yes, it sometimes happens in the UK) or as an additional blanket should it be needed. If your kids are off on a school trip or off to university they’ll find them highly practical. If the kids are at home our XL hammam towels make a great small makeshift tent whether it be indoors in the their bedroom or in the garden

Not just a towel!

Hammam towels for camper vans
Hammam Towels for the Spa
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