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Hammam Beach Towels

First of all, welcome and thank you for visiting our website to view our range of hammam beach towels. Just to let you know we now offer a FREE UK delivery service.

What are hammam towels? They are an incredibly versatile rectangle of woven colourful 100 % cotton (no environmentally damaging micro-fibre plastics) multi-functional towels that you can use for whatever purpose you see fit. 

A hammam beach towel comes into its own when the sun shines. This lightweight and fast-drying piece will see you through spring, summer, and for years to come, used as a picnic blanket, a beach towel, a sarong, or even an outdoor tablecloth.

During autumn and winter, they are still highly versatile whether you’re at a gym or an indoor swimmer. Also, so many people travel abroad to escape to the sun and may only take hand/cabin luggage, so again perfect.

But it’s equally at home brightening up the bathroom any time of year (minimalists, avert your eyes: these striking tasselled textiles come in an array of colours and patterns and look great when mixed and matched).

Also known as a peshtemal, fouta or kikoy, the hammam towel, crafted in flat-woven cotton, has ancient design roots.

Traditionally, the towels were used in the steamiest Turkish baths and boast hard-wearing properties ideal for humid conditions and have been around for centuries.


Most of our range of hammam towels now have the Oeko-Tech Standard 100, click “here” to see our range.

Oeko-Tech Standard 100 is a label for textiles tested for harmful substances. It sets the benchmark for textile safety, from yarn to finished product. Every item bearing the STANDARD 100 label is certified as having passed safety tests for the presence of harmful substances.

Changing Robes

Blue Changing Robe / Poncho Aqua Changing Robe / Poncho, Monaco Aqua

Take a look at our new range of hammam changing robes, click “here”

Here are just some of the uses our customers have found for them:

  • Swimming Towel    
  • Beach Towel            
  • Travel Towel 
  • Cabin/Hand Luggage
  • Gym Towel           
  • Camping Towel 
  • Motorhome Towel      
  • Watersports Towel 
  • Festival Towel             
  • Throw                       
  • Wrap                        
  • Shawl 
  • Scarf                      
  • Sarong                     
  • Gift        

Forget terry towelling or microfiber towels. If you want fast-drying lightweight, highly versatile, absorbency multi-function towels, hammam towels are ideal for anyone who gets wet.  Perfect for home or holidays, the ultimate travel companion. There’s nothing better than an easy washable, fast-drying hammam towel.

The history of the hammam towel is undeniably rich. Dating back centuries, hammam towels were originally used in ancient bath houses in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. As opposed to the heavy towels many of us use day to day, hammam towels are crafted from lightly woven cotton. Once you have used one you will wonder why you never had one before. They are like drying yourself on a giant tea towel.


View our latest hammam beach towel designs and colours…


Love Swimming?

Open water, wild swimmer, sea swim, local pool, whatever your tipple or should I say ripple a hammam towel is perfect for you. Light, compact and highly absorbent they’re perfect for drying you and changing discreetly wherever.  

Love the beach?

Owning a hammam towel means you will always be beach ready. Ideal for lying on to take in a few rays or to cover yourself with to protect from the rays.  One shake of a tight weave hammam towel and not a grain of sand stays on them. One metre by two metres of colourful 100% cotton means you’ve got a sarong or a wrap too if you want to wear one.

Love travelling?

Don’t leave home without a hammam towel.  Light and compact they will roll or fold into the smallest of spaces.  Perfect for hand luggage or a backpack, owning a hammam towel will mean you are prepared for all eventualities.  

Whether you have a quick getaway or taking your first holiday in years, taking just hand luggage, or ramming that suitcase full. They make great travel towels.  You could get four hammam towels in the same space as one beach towel (room for another pair of shoes).

Love the gym?

Take a hammam towel in your gym bag. Nothing better than a quick shower after a good workout. Throw your hammam towel into the wash/dry with your sweaty gym gear and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

Love camping?

Whether you go glamping or camping a hammam beach towel is a must, whatever form of transport you are using a hammam towel is so compact and lightweight you can squeeze it into any rucksack or overnight bag. Gone will be the days of lugging around a smelly heavy wet terry towel, hammam towels hung over guide rope will dry in no time at all in the morning sun. Get a little chilly in the evenings? use your hammam towel as a shawl.

Love your motorhome or campervan?

We successfully sell our hammam towels nationwide at Motorhome and Campervan shows. Just read some of our customer reviews.

Every motorhome, caravan, or campervan owner knows the challenge of space and weight and the need to dry things quickly. Hammam towels meet their every need. We also have a large range of colours and designs so we’re sure you’ll find something to match your interior upholstery.

Love sailing or any water sport?

If you’re lucky enough to own or use a superyacht you probably don’t need to worry about space, however, hammam towels make amazing deck towels. If you do own a sailing vessel of any other type you’ll know that space can be an issue, hammam towels when you fold or roll are lightweight and compact and they dry you quickly.

Festival towels?

What could be better to take to a festival than a hammam towel?  Start by wearing it as a colourful scarf, wear it as a shawl or sarong as the evening gets cooler, lie down on it whilst you take in the music vibes, sleep under it in your tent, dry yourself on it when and if you take a shower.

Throw, wrap, shawl, scarf, sarong?

The choice is yours. Our extensive choice of colours and designs means the world is your hammam. Browse through our colours, designs and different weaves.

Looking for the perfect unusual gift?

Your friends and family will thank you for giving them the perfect gift for anyone who gets wet. Practical and long-lasting, better than a box of chocs or a bottle of wine.

Are you aware that a 2nd wedding anniversary is generally celebrated with cotton?

Extra Large Hammam Towels

We also stock a range of extra-large hammam towels. These start at 200 cm x 200 cm and up to 200 cm x 300 cm these are great if going to the beach with family or friends big enough to share. When you come off that sandy beach just give them a good shake and all the gritty sand will be gone and not taken back to the car or kitchen floor when you get home.

What is a Hammam Towel? “Click here to watch our little video


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