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Hammam Beach Towels

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Why buy your hammam towels from us?

At we looked hard and long for the hammam towels which we think are ideal for the British public. We ran the Bridport Post office for 8.5 years and started selling them directly to our customers 3 years ago, we also pre-covid sold at many shows around the south and southwest of the UK.

Why do we sell the hammam towels that we do?

From all our face-to-face sales we have been able to establish what we hope you will like. We also realised how few people know what a hammam towel was and how versatile it can be. You’ll see later as you look through our website what they can be used for but here are a few examples: They can be used not only as a beach towel but as a shawl, sarong, throw, a wrap. They are also extremely practical, their uses are only limited by your imagination, hammams are ideal for use on any water bases transport. Ideal for canoeists, sailors. Great for anyone that loves camping, hiking, motorhome, or campervan owner.


Our hammam towels come in several sizes to suit a wide range of uses. Our standard sizes start at 180 cm x 100 cm and 200 cm x 100 cm these all weigh less than 500 grams so lightweight and compact if folded or rolled. 200 cm x 200 cm extra large hammam towels are ideal to share on a beach and 200 cm x 300 cm XXL so ideal for 2 or more people to share.

As a gift

Hammam towels make amazing gifts, are you aware that the 2nd wedding anniversary gift in the UK is cotton? All our hammam towels are 100% cotton many of them also have an Oeko-Tex Certificate just click on the link to find out more about this but please come back to us afterwards. All our standard size hammam towels (180 x 100 and 200 x 100) come in a gift bag, which if you wish we can add a personal message to the tag as shown below, all you need to do is write your message in the notes when you place your order.

Hammam beach towels gift tag



Great as camping towels, hammam beach towels
hammam beach towels, Versatile

As a Gift

Hammam Beach Towels great at a 2nd wedding Ann. gift

2nd Wedding Anniversary



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