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All of our customer hammam towel reviews are copied and pasted directly to this page. We do not edit in any way unless there’s a spelling mistook.


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Penny N – 20th Nov 2021
What service!  The two parcels were delivered to my home this morning – a delightful surprise.  I know everyone who is lucky enough to receive one of the towels will be delighted.  They all swim like fish so these will be much appreciated.
I thank you too so much for all your help and for giving me so much of your time.  I look forward to seeing you if/when you return to Canford school in Wimborne for the fair they have, on the grounds and indeed inside some of the school.
I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Angela W – 18th Oct 2021

We were a little dubious about these towels but thought we would give them a go. When they arrived they seemed quite rough but having done my research I put them through a quick wash and the difference it made was amazing. They became soft and silky. We love them and I have just ordered some more. They definitely take a bit of getting used too but they are lightweight, quick-drying, soft and have multiple uses. Give them a go, if you don’t like them as a towel, you could always use them as a throw.

Sian A – 11th Sept 2021

We enjoyed looking through the beautiful range of hammam towels and throws at the Canford Summer Fair and purchased two in shades of grey. Following the fair we had excellent customer service from Paul.

Ian C. – 8th Sept 2021

My wife and I bought two Hammams. One was perfect, one had a slight issue.
We contacted Paul. His response was quick, generous and honest. We were very happy with it.
I think that how a company responds when something goes wrong is a true measure of their nature.
I would (and will) buy with complete confidence again..great service.

Libby M – 23rd August 2021

Love love love these towels, they do a fantastic job, light weight, fantastic colours and a lot less laundry to wash and dry compared to your standard terry towels.

Lorraine. G – 18th July 2021

Great, glad I found you.  I lost the card you gave me and I wanted to leave a review.
We bought a terry backed hammam and a large sized one.  We’re so pleased with our purchases.  I’ve used hammam towels for a few years and have a variety.  My partner has never been keen on them because they don’t absorb like a regular towel.  However, he’s now a convert after using the terry backed one – he loves it.  We’re planning on ordering more from your website as soon as we get paid!  I love the colours and different designs and the quality is fantastic.
Kind regards


Sarah L. 16th July 2021

Hi Paul – just wanted to say I absolutely *love* my hammam towel. Generous size, lovely quality and at a very good price (compared with most others I’ve looked at). Arrived this morning

Janis R. 14th June 2021

Dear Paul

Rob had his parcel the very next day after we spoke! How did you do that? You must have commandeered
your very fastest pigeon! Rob could tell what it was by the feel but has promised not to open till 16th. I’m curious to know how he knew about your towels. You’ll hear from me again.
Kind regards and thanks again.

Quentin J. – 8th June 2021

I was looking for a new picnic throw and couldn’t be happier with the one I found on Hammams! It’s huge, beautiful, elegant and light! Great customer service and speedy delivery, on time for the sunny weekend!!

Kammella S. – 27th February 2021

The Hammams are so beautiful and such good quality that I felt compelled to leave a positive review.

“They are not only beautiful but truly exceptional quality, far better than other retails. Don’t hesitate to buy”.

Richard L – 17th December 2020

Just bought a Hammam for my wife’s birthday and for use on 2021 holidays??!! Unfortunately she didn’t like the colour, even if pistachio is her favourite!!! So sent it back and bought another.
The whole process, purchase, exchange and refund has been handled extremely well and very quickly, even just a few days from Christmas!!
Would thoroughly recommend the Hammams business ….. you will not be disappointed!!

Paul W. – 6th December 2020

Great towels, nicely packaged. Excellent friendly service. Will definitely use again. Many thanks.

Linda F – 2rd December 2020

I bought my first Hammam towel when I was on holiday and I hadn’t heard of them before. After a chat with Paul, I decided to give one a go. I have to tell you that I LOVE my towel. It is one of the best things I have bought. It is light, beautiful and so versatile. I’ve just bought one for a friend who walks for miles. I know he will love it too. I went out today, rolled mine up and sat on it while I drank tea on a hill in the freezing cold. Not just for summer!

Felicia F S – 25th November 2020

These towels are lovely! They are a generous sized bath sheet, nice and soft and the colours are great. I’ve ordered 4 more!

Felicity T. – 18th September 2020

Lovely hammams: the colours are beautiful and the quality of the fabric is good. Thank you for the excellent, friendly service too.

J. Simmons – 6th September 2020

Ordered hammam for friend’s birthday. Item ordered had gone out of stock but an alternative was suggested immediately and discount offered. Communication was excellent and item posted off v promptly, arriving within 2 days. Beautifully packaged – perfect for a gift. Thank you – will be ordering again.

August 2020

S. Smith – 27th August 2020

Such super fast delivery, thank you! Am delighted with the beautiful Hammam towels, great quality and lovely colours. One for myself and one for my daughter’s birthday…only problem was choosing from wide selection! Wonderful. Thanks!

Becky G- 11th August 2020

Love our new hammam towel. It’s so soft and looks lovely. Can’t wait to head to the beach and use it. Really impressed with the incredibly fast delivery too! Ordered at 11pm and posted before I’d even woken up properly and then arrived the next day! Wowsers! Will definitely be ordering more and spreading the word, too. Thanks ?


E. Gould – 5th August 2020

Bridport Post office is like a little Oasis of colour! The Hammams are beautiful, well made, light weight, just perfect for a day on the beach or a picnic. There are so many different designs it is really hard to choose. I will be returning for a second visit as the Hammams will make great Christmas presents.

Customer reviews – July 2020

B. Canon – 30th July 2020

Really useful for holidays and travel  – I wish I had let you talk me in to buying one sooner!


Ian P. – 26th July 2020

Having purchased previously, had no hesitation in buying another to use in the caravan, great product.


Jane E. – 23rd July 2020

Really pleased with my towels. Bought two as gifts and they came in a nice gift bag and lovely label. They felt like a lovely thing to give and recipients are very pleased. Lovely quality and size. Arrived very quickly. I decided I wanted to change the colour of mine and all sorted v quickly. All round v pleased!


Jayne M. – 22nd July 2020

Excellent, thank you again Paul for the brilliant service and great Hammams. My only difficulty is choosing the colours!

I’m sure it won’t be my last order.
Best wishes,

Annette – 9th July 2020

Wow – that’s really impressive service – thank you so much.  They have just arrived and I love them.  I will be recommending to friends and family.




Jane. L – 1st July 2020

Hi Paul, so pleased to be able to buy directly from a UK company and delighted with the items. Received really quickly, arrived on Monday.

Many thanks and all the best

Customer reviews – June 2020

T. Liddell -29th June 2020

I bought 3 hammam towels to drape over our outdoor furniture. They arrived quickly and I’m really pleased with the quality. They’re just what I needed. Great customer service too – clear communication and I’m so glad I used an independent company rather than Amazon.

Yve – 23rd June 2020

I was a bit dubious about ordering as there were no reviews and not a great deal on their page and after being bitten before, you become a bit wary. However, they had exactly what I was looking for so took the risk, hoping it paid off. They arrived exactly on time. The product is exactly what I wanted. We have had them in the garden for a month now and they have been washed several times and are still as good as the day they arrived.
If you are looking for some Hammams then I definitely recommend using this company. So glad that I stumbled upon their website.

Thank you.


Victoria  – 12th June 2020

My Hammam towel has just arrived & it’s absolutely lovely. Love the colour (faded peach, just what I hoped for) & I love the little mesh bag it comes in, perfect for a present. And I can’t believe I only ordered it late yday afternoon….hoping to go to the beach tmrw weather permitting so I can take it with me.

Thanks again, great product & service & I will definitely recommend you to friends.


May 2020


V. Scott – 29th May 2020

I took some care reviewing hammams offered online and liked both the patterns and the ‘About Us’ of this site and so placed my order.
Firstly the service was above and beyond, ensuring they arrived in time, and secondly I am very pleased with both the presentation and the quality of the towels.
We sail, swim, campervan and travel and will only be using these from now on.

Many Thanks


Rachel – 5th Feb 2020

Hi, just wanted to say thanks for your exceptional service. Having placed an order around 4pm yesterday, I was delighted to be signing for it in this mornings post. I also love the product and hope my friend, who is planning a lot of travelling this year, will love it too.

Customer reviews 2019

S. Burge – 1st Oct 2019

Really great towels. Light weight and easy to wash and dry. Excellent after sales care from Paul

Annabelle – 19th Sept 2019

Beautiful towel which made the perfect gift. Wonderful customer service as well, and delivered quickly!


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