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Uses for Hammam Towels

What are the uses of hammam towels?

Hammam towels are useful for so many different things, both inside and outside the home. So here are just a few ideas we’ve put together for you:

The uses for hammam towels are only limited by your imagination

Remember that all our hammam towels are perfect for any of these applications.

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Selling our products

We have done several shows this year selling our range of hammam towels. These include the Dorset County Show, Bucks County Show, Melplash Show, Romsey Show, and many more. One of the most surprising shows we did was the NFOL camping and caravan show in Shaftsbury in September. The response we got here about hammam towels was amazing. So many people had heard of hammams but had not seen or used them but they liked what we had to offer.

As well as having over 70 designs to choose from we have on display a minimum range of 50 designs. So if you’re in the Bridport area why not come and see first hand what we have to offer in store at the Post Office.


We have a very local Post Office in Bridport so we can also dispatch the same day (Mon-Fri) (sometimes quicker than the big “A”) when we receive orders by 3 pm. Orders on Saturday need to be received by 10:30


Within our range of hammams, we have the traditional tight weave, these have been around for centuries. Originally used in Turkish hammam baths due to their lightness and quick drying abilities. Today we also had hammam towels with a honeycomb texture, these become as popular as the traditional.


Both types of hammam towels have the same properties so they are lightweight, compact, and highly absorbent. This makes them great for anyone who travels with a full suitcase or just hand luggage. If you’re not travelling by plane they are still great for those who do travel whether it be a car, caravan, or motorhome (anything with wheels).

Are you a camper or hiker? Do you use Microfibre towels? Yes, they dry you but that’s generally it. Hammam towels are so versatile use them as throws, wraps, shawls, sarongs, picnic blankets as well as a towel.

What is a Hammam Towel? Watch our zany video, click here to find out more


To see all our hammam towels at Hammams UK by colour just click here or just return to our home page.

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