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Hammam Towels for Home Use

Hammam towels also known as fouta towels are so useful around the home! They make great shower towels, they can also be used in the bathroom as a quick drying floor mat due to there high absorbency. Likewise rather than use a terry towel our hammam towels great as bath towels. So why not try one out. You could also liven up your furnishings by using a hammam towel as a throw. Impromptu dining table cloth, we’ve got you covered!

Hammam Towels for Home Use

For the bathroom

As hammam towels are more absorbent the the traditional terry towel and weight a great deal less (around 450 grams) you will soon see the benefits. They also dry themselves quicker than a conventional towel.

For the lounge

When the evening start to drawn in and you just need a little more warmth why not just wrap up in a colourful hammam towel?

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Did you know that a 2nd wedding anniversary is symbolized by cotton, all our hammam towels are 100% cotton so why not buy them something that will last them for years to come.

So look no further your answers here, a hammam towel can be used again and again and with over 60 designs / colours to chose from, you can’t go wrong.

Hence, given these points why shouldn’t they have the perfect gift?

As a pressie

Looking for that perfect, great valued gift that will last for years? Our hammam towels make ideal presents for anyone whether it be for a Birthday. Also great as wedding gifts or just because you love someone. Do you know anyone going abroad? They make great travel towels as well.

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Size and weight

All our hammam towels are 200 cm x 100 cm and weigh less than 500 grams

Not only are hammam towels ideal for home use, when you fold or roll hammam towels are also ideal where space is an issue such as in camper vans, caravans, motor homes and yachts.


What is a hammam towel? Click here to find out more

Delivery Charges

Browse through our huge range of hammams here and find the perfect ones for your home…

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