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Hammam Towels for the Beach

Kids and adults alike love to take our hammam towels to the beach. Why?

Firstly, they’re lightweight and compact as a result they don’t take up too much room when you’re packing everything you might need.

Secondly, they’re large, so they double up as beach towels to lie on if you wish. Not only are our hammam towels 195 cm x 95 cm so as big as a beach towel but a fraction of the weight at around 450 grams.

Thirdly they’re more absorbent than terry towels therefore dry you quickly and they dry themselves faster.

Moreover, as our traditional hammams have a tight weave sand isn’t an issue; just a quick shake and most of the sand will be removed.

Travelling abroad?

What happens when you pack all your beach towels in your suitcase? They take up too much room and increase the weight of your suitcase and reduce the amount of space to put other essential items (extra shoes as an example). Our hammam towels will lighten your load and more than half the amount of space taken up. Also great if just taking hand luggage.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We all love going to the seaside but are you aware that a 2nd wedding anniversary is symbolized by cotton, all our hammam towels are 100% cotton so why not buy them something for the beach that will last them for years to come?

So look no further your answers here, a hammam towel can be used again and again and with over 60 designs/colours to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Hence, given these points, why shouldn’t they have the perfect gift?

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As a pressie

Looking for that perfect great valued gift that will last for years? Our hammam towels make ideal presents for anyone whether it be for a Birthday. Also great as a wedding pressie or just because you love someone.

Size and weight

All our hammam towels are 200 cm x 100 cm and weigh less than 500 grams

When folded or rolled hammam towels are also ideal where space is an issue such as in camper vans, caravans, motor homes, and yachts. So great as a camping towel, deck towel, or any wheeled holiday home.

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Uses for Hammam towels ideal for the beach, camping, swimming, travel

What is a hammam towel? Click here to find out more (just a silly video)

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Pick your favourite hammam towels and let’s head to the beach!…

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