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Hammam Towels for Camper Vans

No matter how big or small your van is, our hammam towels are the perfect fit!

Why use hammam towels also known as fouta towels for camper vans? You can use them for a multitude of purposes when you’re out and about in your camper van. Use them as throws over chairs or a bed, a picnic mat, for drying crockery and cutlery, or wiping condensation off the inside of the windows when you’re ready to move on to the next location!

We’re big subscribers to the van life. When our Volkswagen T4 isn’t being used for shows, loaded up with hammam towels, we grab every opportunity we can to snatch a weekend away. We always have at least a few hammams in the van!

Hammam Towels in our VW T4 Camper Van
hammam Towels for camper vans

What is a hammam Towel? Click here to find out more

Here are some hammam towels perfect for your camper van:

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