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Deck Towels

Have you ever considered using hammam towels as deck towels? 100% cotton, lightweight, compact. highly absorbent and extremely versatile.

There are so many choices, many travellers like the idea of using a MF towel due to its practicality to use to dry you off but are you aware they contain a minimum of 30% plastic. Some larger companies claim they are using 100% “recycled materials” so 100% plastic, they all shed microplastics every time they are washed? Not good for the environment.

Using a hammam towel a as deck towel opens up a whole range of uses. In fact, they are probably one of the most versatile towels you will own. Here’s a small list of what they can be used for, and other uses we will leave up to your imagination.

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  • As deck towels – Hammam towels are more absorbent than conventional towels so they will dry you off quicker
  • As a ground sheet – With our hammam sizes starting at 180 cm x 100 cm up to 200 cm x 200 cm they’re big enough to share
  • Travel Towels – Great when travelling light, especially if just taking hand luggage.
  • Sun shield? – With our larger size hammams they’re colourful and make a great awning.
  • Beach Towel – Our traditional woven hammams have a tight weave so as a consequence sand can be shaken off easily, so less mess in your tent.
  • Use it as a sarong or a wrap when leaving the shower area. Hammam towels also dry off quicker compared to a terry towel.
  • Do you love wild swimming? Our traditional or lined hammams are great for drying you off

Therefore the best deck towels are hammam towels

Size and weight

  • Compact – When folded or rolled they are smaller than a standard towel, also great if hiking, and easy to store away.
  • Lightweight – Our standard hammams weigh less than 500 grams, so less weight to carry.
  • Extra Large – We also have a range of extra range hammams, just click “here” to view them.

Deck towels as a gift

Do you know anyone who enjoys the great outdoors? Why not buy them a hammam towel this year that will last them for years? With over 60 designs to choose from in colours, designs, and sizes we’re sure you’ll find them something suitable. As an anniversary gift, are you aware that cotton is the traditional gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary? Why not buy the loving couple something useful that will last them for years especially if they like travelling.

What do our existing customers think of our hammam towels and our service? Just click “here” to find out.

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