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What do we buy that loving couple as a 2nd wedding anniversary gift?

2nd Wedding Anniversary gifts are plentiful but why not buy them something different and practical?

All our hammam towels are 100% cotton and cotton is the traditional gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary. Hammam towels are probably one of the most versatile gifts that you could buy for that loving couple, which will last them for years and years. Maybe even longer than their marriage!

Why are they so versatile?

Hammam towels can be used for many things, the ones we mention are just a few. It’s the owners imagination that will find other uses. But as a towel here’s a few reasons to buy them that unique gift:

  • They make great beach towels as they are as large a normal beach towel but at less than 500 grams they are a lot lighter.
  • In spite of their thinness hammam towels are in fact more absorbent than a terry towel.
  • Great as a swimming towel
  • They will dry you quicker and dry themselves faster.
  • Do they love wild swimming? Look no further.
  • Furthermore traditional hammam towels have a tight weave meaning sand can be shaken off with ease.
  • Compact when folded or rolled so easy to pack and store in your beach bag or holdall.
  • Ideal if only taking hand luggage again as light weight and compact.
  • As well as using them to dry yourself you can use them as a sarong, wrap, throw. My grandchildren use them as a makeshift tent (So could yours).

Extra Large Hammam towels

We also have a small range of extra large hammam towels for them to share, what to know more click “here”

So if your looking for that special 2nd wedding anniversary gift why take a look at our range of over 60 designs of hammam towel or if your looking a gift for anyone else or to treat yourself.

Not just a 2nd Wedding Anniversary gift idea

  • You could buy a hammams towel for any wedding anniversary as we’re sure every couple get wet.
  • What about you? Have you thought about using hammam towels?
  • What about a friend or loved one? We could enough designs and colours to sort out your whole family and friends with a present that will last them for years.
  • If you’re travelling light in the UK or overseas hammam towels are great.
  • Are they adventurous, do they like camping or travelling about?
  • Do they love wild swimming?

What do our existing customers think of our hammam towels and our service? Just click “here” to find out.


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We have also put a silly little video together showing how versatile our hammam towels are just click “here to view.


Here’s a brief history of the hammam towel

Used in bath houses of Ancient Rome, the hammam towel was originally  a rectangular shaped cloth used as a towel. It is one of the first garments of humankind dating back to the Anatolian Culture (200 B.C.). Now revisited and designed in a modernized form in flat and honeycomb weave.

History of Hammam Towels, the tightly woven loom work gives the hammam towel a high level of absorbency and durability. Made in the traditional way, Tunisian men handle the heavy loom work while the women finish the intricate fringe work to create these luxurious towels. 100% cotton super lightweight and compact, they still have the same absorbency as normal towels but are more quick drying and versatile.

Thanks to its extraordinary durability and versatility, the hammam towel has emerged as the new generation of bath, beach and pool towels all over Europe and America. Eco friendly and tight woven, the more you wash it the softer and more absorbent it gets.  The time honoured tradition of looming has proven impossible to duplicate. Hammams have various titles depending where in the world you are, two of the popular names are fouta and peshtemal.

We hope our short description of “History of Hammam Towels” has been useful


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